The Italian denim-brand Replay has long been known for its unmistakable hip and flashy style.

Replay now offers a range of trendy footwear with sporty and innovative styles that all sports shoe lovers will be longing for.

The name Replay came from the 1978 World Cup because founder Claudio Buziol had seen the word repeated many times on television screens during the football games anytime a recap was shown.

Today, Replay is an established European brand headquartered in the small Italian town of Asolo near Milan.

The high reputation of the brand comes from its intensive research for high-quality textiles and materials, the development of innovative design technologies and effective production processes.

In its early years, Buziol made only casual-looking jeans and t-shirts for the Replay Company and even today Replay is best known for its jeans.

Replay shoes are now notorious in the fashion industry for their very popular style.

Replay shoes portray the distinctive casual and urban look of the brand.

Belux: Jill De Ranter

Nederland: Sanne Stevens