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Co-Concept was founded in 1998 by Francis Ardies and Michele Singer. The headquarters are based in the fashion city Antwerp, overlooking its magestical port. Originated out of the footwear and accessory business, Co-Concept is a major player acting as an exclusive distributor / agent for both the Benelux and France for global fashion brands.


Serving our fashion partners (brands, distribution) in a professional way as well being efficient as an organization, we will keep on creating the synergy towards our demanding business.


Distributing the right brand mixture and fine-tuning approach towards brand philosophy, brand awareness and needs. Offering a brand minded and experienced sales force with great knowledge on local and international markets is an added value towards the selection of the right distribution and sales information to the company. Personalised and brand related showrooms are based in the Brussels International Trade mart and in Nieuwegein Holland the hart of fashion business as well in Schoten’s headquarters. A back office with an overall knowledge in customer services and support to brand needs. A logistic and warehouse department who’s offering accuracy in deliveries crucial to our business.